Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hello my friends, being a master chef and new to the internet, is not a good combination, but I'm getting there and determined to share my thoughts, musings and restaurant experiences. I was born in Brisbane, Australia, and moved to New Zealand in 1970. After a short stint in Wellington, we all moved as a family to the North Shore, an east coast seaside district of Auckland.

At an early age my Mother noted that I wanted to be a "cooker". So here I am. I started in the kitchen when I was 15, washing dishes of course, and at 22 I was in partnership running my own restaurant, and at 25 , owned my own restaurant. I am still in the hospitality industry and also am a consultant for, handling the cuisine section, which I love.

I am a fully-trained chef to London City and Guild standards, and due to my step-father, who was Italian, I happily followed in a direction of Italian cuisne.

The hospitality industry is vibrant, full of strange people, that work hard and play hard, good food, wine and friendships.

So, there are lots of things for me to share, from my different associations, opinions of restaurants I visit, the markets, my favourite products, secrets and tips that have enabled me to have a succcessful career for over 30 years in this hard and unforgiving industry.

So keep posted.

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