Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chef Jules Catchup

Hello friends,

I've been a bit slack lately just trying to get on top of a few things, talking to the Dive Planet website builders, really nice people but reminiscent of dealing with politicians which is quite topical at the moment with an election coming up in New Zealand in November.

Been doing the usual chef things. Bought some really nice lobsters yesterday, live naturally, we call them crayfish here, averaging 800gms each. I cooked them for 20 minutes, cut them in half lengthways, put some dill butter on each half and in the oven to reheat for 10 minutes. I then spooned some tomato flavoured hollandaise on top and garnished with fresh watercress. They turned out really nicely and everyone loved them.

Will be going fishing on Sunday, weather permitting with my good friend Carlo and an associate visiting from Italy so hopefully we will have plenty of fresh fish to cook, I'll keep you posted on that one, so ciao for now.

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