Monday, October 20, 2008

Chef Jules, Fishing and Friends

Hello Friends,
Reporting back on the fishing trip with my great friend Carlo, from Sapori d'italia. With only 4 hours sleep it was a very difficult start to the day. With all the goodies packed, I even managed to cook some breadcrumbed veal and make a thermos of freshly ground coffee, I made my way to Carlo's house. We then picked up our friend Luca from the hotel and made our way to the marina.
It turned out to be a beautiful day, and I got a nice singlet tan. I want to pre-empt the success of the fishing trip by saying that if you were to calculate the costs involved it wouldn't be a viable business proposition. I bet right about now your thinking we caught nothing, but no, your wrong, we caught one. Actually Luca caught a small shark that he got close to the boat, only to snap the line at the last minute. Carlo caught a Trevally, which he mercifully spiked in its brain then gutted, only to lose over the side when it " jumped "out of his hands, too much vino I suspect.
Yes Friends, it was Chef Jules that came up with the goods, a 50cm Snapper.
In Auckland you are never sure of the weather, but, we were very lucky as it improved throughout the day and the only event to mention, was at the end of the day, when berthing the boat. Luca fell off the pier, blaming Carlo, and witnessed by many amused onlookers, one even saying that Carlo saved Luca's life. That's probably overstating the case but it was hilarious them yelling at each other in Italian, creating even more attention. Great times, great friends. We had to supplement the lack of seafood by popping in to my favourite seafood market and buying some tiger prawns and some broadbill, well there is no broadbill in the Hauraki Gulf, or tiger prawns for that matter!
I cooked the snapper whole , on the chargrilled barbeque, stuffing the cavity with lemon, Italian parsley, salt and pepper and plenty of olive oil, for approximately 40 minutes, turning once halfway through the cooking process. I was lucky enough to have removed and kept the large egg sack which I cooked for 5 minutes on the hot plate with a knob of butter and seasoning. This turned out to be the most delicious part of the meal, in my opinion. Well I'm going to catch up on some sleep now. Check out my snapper, ciao for now.

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