Monday, October 6, 2008

Chef Jules Essential Pantry List

Farinaceous Products
-A selection of dried pastas including; fettuccine all'uovo (egg fettuccine), lemon infused pasta, squid ink
  infused pasta, angel hair pasta.
-Japanese Soba noodles
-Carnaroli rice, for all your risotto dishes
-Bomba rice, for paella
-400g tins fagioli bianchi di spagna lessati (boiled butter beans)
-400g tins lenticchie lessate (boiled lentils)
-400g tins chick peas
Condiments, Spices and Preserves
-Smoked ground paprika, "la chinata" brand 70gm tin sweet or hot is great
-Saffron threads. I buy 1g boxes from my Indian food supplier, it is reasonable quality at a good price.
-Granulated bonito stock, available from Asian supermarkets, obviously dried, in sachet form,   usually written in Chinese with no English description, which makes it a little hard to find but does have a fish on the label. Makes a reasonable fish stock substitute.
-Flaky sea salt, I'm using a flaky sea salt from Marlborough, New Zealand.
-Rock salt
-Black whole peppercorns, for your grinder.
-Kalamata, greek black olives.
-Sicilian green olives.
-Capers in brine
-Caper berries in brine.
-Sun-dried tomatoes.
-Whole-peeled roma tomatoes, usually 400gm tins.
-Dried porcini mushrooms. Go for the smallest packet possible, from your local delicatessen or Italian importer.
-Cajun spice, small packet ground.
-80gram tin or jar of flat fillets of anchovy.
-Pacific Harvest, citrus seaweed seasoning, or seaweed powder.
-Pre-mixed Pickling Spice.
-Vanilla pods
-Star Anise
-Juniper Berries
-Kikkoman soy sauce
-Worcester sauce
-Extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil
-Black Truffle

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