Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just Another Day

Hello Friends;
I'm giving you an idea of how Chef Jules spends his time. Well today it started when Paul Morris, the researcher and developer of the Dive Planet website came round to my house for a meeting, with his chainsaw. Yes that's right it wasn't the usual boring meeting. We attacked a 10 metre tree and an old tree stump that had to go, and make way for new plantings. Things were going well but the stump took longer than expected, so a large tow rope and my car was used to to extricate the large stump from the ground, with shrieks of delight from Paul on final success. I'm sure my gearbox will never be the same again. I do enjoy gardening, sometimes, and think I could really get into it, perhaps when I'm 70.
Anyway, on to the seafood market, where I bought some beautifully fresh Groper fillets, by the way we call it hapuka in New Zealand, and live paddle crab from the tank. On preparation of the crab I got nipped by the claws on my hand but that was alright, it was no match for my trident knife, and I survived.
Back home I couldn't help myself and doing what I love most. I cooked a nice meal consisting of a flattened chicken breast stuffed with pea puree, feta cheese, roasted capsicum, rolled, and wrapped in bacon, then grilled and served on a bed of steamed bok choy. See photo below. It was great with a glass of Simon Gilbert, Australian Cabernet Rose 2005.
Soon I'll go into how I became involved with dive planet and providing my best seafood recipes for the site, so ciao for now.

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