Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Changing Tide

Hello Friends,

I have been a bit distracted of late as little old New Zealand has had quite a change in direction, politically. On Saturday the 8th of November there was a resounding shift to the right, in other words conservative (National Party), after 3 terms of a left wing, socialist, liberal (labour), lead government.

As we have an MMP form of representation, the minor parties have more of a say and are currently negotiating their position in a government lead by the National Party. As the victory was so resounding they have the mandate to govern alone but are showing good will, foresight and looking at more than one term by entertaining the minor parties. Actually looking forward to the new government so we will see what happens. So that is Chef Jules short synopsis of the political situation in New Zealand.

However, back to my first love, cooking, I have some really good recipes coming up, meanwhile check out  Dive Planet Recipes

So ciao for now.

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