Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's a chef's life

Hello Friends,
I went for my first scuba dive after 23 years in a little place called Daniel's Reef, Mathesons Bay, which is approximately an hour north of Auckland, on the east coast. This scene above is what you encounter in many places on New Zealand's east coast. We were hanging around a depth of 15 meters and took a couple of 800gm crayfish, which is on the smaller side but very nice for eating. We had a nice bbq on the beach after the dive and all in all it was a great day. I always find myself gravitate towards the bbq to make sure people don't overcook or burn the food and try and work out why someone would bring a 40 centimetre thick, crumbed lamb pattie and try to cook it on a bbq. I know it sounds a bit anal but it's the curse of being Chef Jules.
I tried an Indian Restaurant on Auckland's North Shore, it's called Aroma which is quite a cool name for an Indian Restaurant I think. It is a very small, quaint cosy space. I ordered two meals, one was lamb saag gosht which is Punjabi lamb curry in a pureed spinach sauce spiced with fenugreek. The other was chicken korma which was a mild curry finished in a creamy ground cashew nut gravy. The lamb was quite tough and chewy, the sauce was okay. The chicken was the highlight, they used chicken thigh which was really moist and tender the service was pleasant and attentive and not overly intrusive.
With the meal I had a bottle of Jacobs Creek, "Three Vines" Rose, which is a combination of Shiraz, Grenache and Sangiovese. Australian wine, very new to the market and is being heavily advertised currently.Very pleasant and easy drinking.
Overall I give the restaurant a score of 6/10. Listening to the news on the way home, strangely enough Indian food was mentioned as being the most unhealthy due to the high use of saturated fat, not a comforting thought after consuming a lot of it. Oh well an extra 30 minutes at the gym should fix it.
Ciao for now.

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