Monday, January 18, 2010

Chef Jules is back !

Hello Friends;
welcome to Chef Jules blog  for 2010. My appologies for the technical difficulties experienced in gaining access to my blog at the beginning of the year, but it's all sorted now and I'm ready to go, bigger and better with more frequent postings. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and your new year is going well. 
For myself Christmas was spent with family and friends at Lake Pupuke, in Takapuna, North Shore, Auckland. A freshwater crater lake, formed approximately 150,000 years ago with a circumference of 4.6km, depths of 58 metres plus and enjoyed recreationally by many people. Trout are released periodically and other species include Perch, Rudd and Carp. As you can see the weather was stunning, as was the food.
 In my next posting I will share a Zuchotto recipe from my "nonno". A traditional Italian dessert which I have adapted to make it as easy as possible for you to make. Most of you will be familiar with the Guylian seashell chocolates. There is also a New Zealand company operating from Mangawhai, north of Auckland making high quality chocolates, which my sister brought on Christmas day,  a husband and wife team, Belguim trained. The seashore collection particularly appealed to my love of seafood. Ciao for now.
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