Monday, February 8, 2010

Coltivare Pomodori in Nuova Zelanda con Chef Jules

Hello Friends;
Coltivare Pomodori in Nuova Zelanda or "growing tomatoes in New Zealand" is what I have been attempting to do. I was given seedlings by a good friend 2 months ago, grown from Franchi seeds of Italy. They were a mix of Costuluto Fiorentino (Beefsteak) and what looks like San Marzano Follia or San Marzano Nano, I'm not sure. I am still learning when it comes to gardening, so it was with great excitement and satisfaction when I spotted a cluster of red Tomatoes, as pictured, amongst a sea of green.
Every now and again I come across a company or website that really captures the imagination. Franchi Sementi spa, Bergamo Italia, just North of Milan is one such company. Established in 1783, and now the oldest family run seed company in the world. Just to put that time frame into perspective, in 1783 a peace treaty was ratified between the U.S and England and only 14 years earlier New Zealand had been discovered by captain James Cook on his first voyage in the H.M.S Endeavour, extraordinary!
Franchi Sementi are certainly the best at what they do, have passion, dedication, tradition, pride and are progressive in in their G. E free policy as well as recognising the importance of a harmonious working environment for employees. Franchi seeds of Italy are responsible for the maintenance of 70 important heirloom varieties and saved them from extincion. Navigating the website, Seeds of Italy , you will find 350 varieties of vegetable,herb and flower seeds with advice on growing, plus recipes. Definitely worth a look and have suppliers in most countries, that promote Franchi seeds. I have already decided next season to grow the Cuor di Bue, or "ox heart beef" tomatoes and perhaps some more Costoluto Fiorentino. Any tips for growing tomatoes feel free to email me.
My next posting will include Chef Jules Profiterole Tower recipe.
Ciao for now.


  1. you can order franchi seeds in nz at
    la cigale

  2. Thanks for that Davod. Also Italian seeds pronto distribute them in NZ