Monday, July 5, 2010

       Chef   Jules  Competition                                  
 Welcome to Chef Jules culinary blog, for those that are new visitors, a special welcome. Chef Jules blog is about sharing his 30 years experience in the hospitality industry. He covers restaurant reviews, new products, anything associated with food and of course his favourite recipes. Chef Jules provides his best seafood recipes for Dive Planet and recommends that you also checkout this wonderful website. Now back to the competition. The first 2 people to answer the following 4 questions correctly will be sent (Delivery N.Z only) this wonderful  Victornox, 18cm filleting knife (stainless steel with polished rosewood handle).
All answers can be found in Chef Jules blog postings, old and current.

The Questions Are:

1: Which Chef Jules dessert is titled "Worlds Best" and ranked No.1 with Google?
2: Where did Chef Jules complete his culinary training?  
3: Which Maori activist did Chef Jules talk to in Whakatane?
4: What pungent fruit did Chef Jules create two new recipes with?
Just E-mail your your answers to  Along with your address, and contact phone number.