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Friday, July 15, 2011

Chef Jules Panna Cotta Recipe

Hello Friends,
Chef Jules Panna Cotta recipe is a very easy dessert to make, and one which will impress your guests. Panna Cotta, translates to "cooked cream" from Piemonte, Italy, where the dessert is thought to have originated from. Traditionally, Panna Cotta is a rich, velvety vanilla cream which has been cooked and lightly set using gelatin. I have created this panna cotta recipe, because the cardamom and mint combination work really well together. For those of you who aren't sure of what cardamom is (also spelt cardamon), it is a spice, related to the ginger family, derived from a plant in which the dried pods containing the seeds, also known as "seeds of paradise" are used in a variety of ways from perfume in ancient Greek and Roman times, to an exotic and pungent additive in Asian, Middle Eastern and Central American cuisine. Cardamom is also used to flavour tea, coffee and several liqueurs. The pods vary in size and colour from white/green to reddish-brown.
Panna Cotta Recipe Ingredients (makes 5, 75ml custard cups or ramekins)
350ml double cream
150ml milk
1 vanilla pod, cut in half lengthways
60g caster sugar
5g granulated gelatin
2 tablespoons boiling water
6 white cardamom pods, lightly crushed to expose the seeds
10g roughly chopped fresh mint leaves

To make the panna cotta recipe, put the gelatin in a cup, pour over boiling water and stir with a teaspoon. I usually put it in the microwave for a few seconds to make it hot again and to ensure the gelatin is fully disolved.
Take a saucepan, add the rest of the ingredients and very slowly bring to the boil. Now add the gelatin mixture and gently simmer for 5 minutes. Remove the vanilla  pods, strain the mixture into a bowl. Scrape the inside from the vanilla and add to the bowl. Cool in the fridge, stirring occasionally until slightly thickened.
Lightly oil the ramekins and pour the panna cotta mixture into them. Allow to set for a few hours or over night in the fridge, covered.
At Bosco Verde restaurant Epsom,I make A Vanilla panna cotta as a topping for our Frutta di bosco dessert
Chef Jules Tips
When making panna cotta, the idea is to use as little gelatin as possible to ensure a lightly set dessert. I have experimented to acheive this with the above recipe. It would pay to measure the gelatin with digital scales, to be exact.
You are only limited by your imagination when deciding on the flavour of your panna cotta. If you think of fruit, or the many different teas, i.e green tea, raspberry. Even coffee, chocolate flavoured. Or you could simply make a plain vanilla pannacotta, and have a fruit compote of your choice, on the plate to accompany the dessert.
Do not allow the panna cotta to set too much in the bowl when cooling down in the fridge.
That's all for now, I hope you try Chef Jules easy pannacotta recipe.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chef Jules visits Bracu Restaurant

Hello Friends,
I had an invite to a very special 85th birthday party luncheon the other day, held at Bracu restaurant. The restaurant, a Kauri Villa, renovated in 2005, by Ivan and Branka Simunovich, is located in 43 Main Road Bombay, rural south Auckland. With over 40.000 olive trees on the estate it is the largest privately owned olive grove in New Zealand, and makes for a very pleasant vista whilst dinning. The name "Bracu" is derived from the Adriatic Island of Brac, and is the third largest, (48km long, 14km wide) in the Croatian group of Islands, and is where the owners originate.
Our large group were seated on the veranda and given a 2 course set menu. To start we were given  freshly baked bread, accompanied by their own extra virgin olive oil and was enjoyed by all. The oil was so good I ended up buying 2 bottles to take home, so I guess it was a good marketing strategy. To follow we had a choice of;
Pan Fried Scallops with tomato passata, basil oil and black olive crumbs, or
Grilled Scotch Fillet Steak cafe de Paris butter, watercress salad and hand cut chips, or
Crisp Roast Duck Breast with baby beetroot, orange and watercress salad and apple dressing, or
Grilled Fillet of Snapper with roast garlic, chorizo, white bean, steamed clams, pea cassoulet and olive tapenade.

I chose the Snapper dish, which read very well, the ingredients, individually, are favourites of mine and together work very well and was cooked to perfection.
I also sampled the duck which tasted very good but was let down by not being crispy enough. The main courses were served with Bracu garden salad, Banyuls dressing and Sumac, rosemary fried potatoes. Overall the meals were great, the setting fabulous and the service very attentive without being obtrusive.
The wines, which I had tried before, didn't disappoint. 2008 Cable Bay Merlot Malbec Rose from Waiheke Island and 2008 Atarangi Pinot Noir, "Crimson" from Martinborough. Prices are $55 and $68 respectively.
We all finished with a special birthday cake for this very special occasion. Chocolate cake layered with berry mousse served with gelato and fresh berries, which was very nice and reminded me to update my chocolate mousse recipe at Bosco Verde Restaurant Epsom.
The 2 course luncheon menu is $65 and the 3 course is $75. The olive oils I purchased were natural extra virgin olive oil and lemon infused extra virgin olive oil, both 250ml and $13.75, $15.40 respectively. Both oils are extremely well priced considering the quality. Looking at the dinner menu, you will find entrees around $20 and mains averaging $36 with side dishes i.e. potatoes, vegetables $7.50 each.
A special thanks to Jenny, Peter and the birthday girl, Mini for a great day.
Ciao for now

Friday, April 16, 2010

Chef Jules Talks About Bluff Oysters

Hello Friends;
Bluff Oysters are one of Chef Jules favourites and one of natures little gems. Bluff Oysters latin name is Tiostrea Chilensis, is a bivalve mollusc and is of the Ostreidae family. Other names include; Mud Oyster, Dredge Oyster, Foveaux Strait Oyster, Flat Oyster and Deep Water Oyster. Common to Chile and New Zealand, Bluff Oysters have a firm flesh, creamy luscious texture, medium oil content, with a delicate crisp taste of the sea, and for that reason, is one that I recommend if one is a little unsure of oysters or never tried them before. I have prepared and sampled Bluff Oysters many different ways at Bosco Verde Espom, but the best way is "au naturale", i.e, freshly shucked, lemon wedge and accompanied by a glass of Champagne, Chablis or Sauvignon Blanc, although my preference is still a creamy, buttery Australian Chardonnay.
Oystering began at Stewart Island in the 1860's and shifted to the cooler, deep waters of Bluff where they are dredged by the oyster fleet at a depth of approximately 60 metres. It is not uncommon for each vessel to have 60 sacks of Bluff Oysters on return to port, each sack containing 800 oysters, each oyster having a minimum length of 57mm. Sometimes helicopters are used to expedite the delivery process, so that seafood markets and up-market Auckland restaurants can have them on the dining table, as soon as the season begins, (March to June). With past problems concerning the oyster parasite, Bonamia Exitosa, resulting in disruptions of supply from 1985-93 and again in 2000-05, the authorities and fishermen recognise the importance of seasonal quotas and at time of writing is 7.5 million oysters. Apparently  Bonamia is still present in certain areas, but stocks are growing well and it is hoped the cooler water temperatures will discourage the disease from spreading further. I had some last night and they were exquisite, and worth every penny! Retail prices for 1 dozen are around, NZ $22  in the South Island and up to $30 in the North Island. If you are sampling them in an Auckland restaurant expect to pay $25 for half a dozen and $50 for 1 dozen.
The anticipation and excitement at the start of each season is further encouraged by the  Bluff Oyster and Food Festival. Started in 1991, it is truly a celebration of this magnificient mollusc and other food from the region, wine stalls and entertainment. Tickets are purchased 9 months in advance for this popular event. Along with the best pizza epsom at Bosco Verde,I have added this great crusted baked Hapuka recipe with braised bok choy to the menu.

Ciao for now